Welcome To Levin Diabetes Speciality Hospital

Our Vision is To be first choice for providing quality diabetes services in the region.
Our Mission is To improve the lives of people with diabetes and its complications through innovative care, education, and research that will lead to prevention and cure of the disease.

What we do

Improving quality of life and equipping patients with self-management tools

The Levin Diabetes Speciality Hospital was established to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes, reduce complications and sufferings related to the diabetes, and contribute to the ultimate prevention and cure. We provide tailored diabetes care to patients of all ages and is the only facility for comprehensive and continuous diabetes care and management in our Region.

We provide individualized medical care with thorough management of blood glucose, the latest diagnostic services and multidisciplinary services for management of diabetes and its complications. We focus on rigorous glucose, lipid and blood pressure management ensuring that our patients meet all therapeutic targets or screening tests recommended by national organizations

Our Doctors

Dr Ravikumar S
Senior Consultant Diabetologist

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Dr Prasanna Ravikumar

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